Yellowstone National Park in the Winter — a summary

The trip of a lifetime?

January 2014

Photo by Author — snowshoe tour of the Upper Geyser Basin
Photo by Author — snowshoe tour of the Upper Geyser Basin

People often describe a trip as the trip of a lifetime. My trip to Montana and Yellowstone National Park was the trip of a lifetime. Well, it will be until the next one!

I had two fantastic weeks exploring Montana and Yellowstone National Park.

There were so many highlights from the trip that I can’t pick one that defines the trip. But the things that will stick with me are:

  • The bacterial mats and thermophiles in the hot springs.
  • Snowshoeing around the Upper Geyser Basin at Old Faithful.
  • Travelling through Yellowstone in the snow.
  • Being one of only 6 or 7 people to watch Old Faithful erupt (rather than being 1 of around 300+ in the summer).
  • Bridger Bowl ski area — there was something about that place with which I connected.
  • Bozeman, Montana — a lovely, friendly little downtown area.
  • Hearing the wolves at Howler’s Inn — there is still something about the howl of a wolf that gets to me.
  • The large steak at Livingstone Rib and Chop House.
  • Visiting the town of West Yellowstone.

And last but not least — the snow. Tons and tons of snow. I had forgotten how much I missed the snow and winter’s cold embrace.