Malaysia — Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Not the best of hotels and with unwelcome guests

August 2015

The Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands was an interesting place that I would suggest had seen better days.

There was no Wi-Fi in the rooms, but it was available in the lobby.

The room was adequate and reasonably clean. The bed was comfortable, and the TV worked. One odd thing for a Malaysian hotel was there was no ceiling fan or air-conditioning in the room, or even in the hotel — it is not needed in the Cameron Highlands due to the cool climate.

Breakfast was pretty standard.

There was an omelette and egg station, a toaster that didn't toast very dark, limited cereal choices, and the usual array of Malaysian dishes. And the tea was excellent!

Photo by Author — Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Photo by Author — Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

On the first night, someone tried to break into my room when I was in it.

At first, I thought it was an honest mistake of going to the wrong room (we've all done that). But the person returned for a second attempt. When I challenged them through the door, they ran off instead of apologising for their mistake.

I reported the incident to the hotel reception, who did nothing — no follow-up to see if I was OK and no check on the corridor (as far as I could tell).

The following day, I asked reception if anything had been done about the incident, and they couldn't find a record of my phone call.

I asked again two days later and was told that a ’security sweep’ had been done on the floor, and nothing was found.

Overall, the Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands was OK; not a great hotel, a little tatty around the edges, but OK.