Helsinki Airport (HEL), Finland

Christmas in July

July 2015

I had not been to Finland or Helsinki Airport (HEL) before, and I didn’t count this as visiting Finland, as I was transiting through the airport. I didn’t officially enter the country.

Helsinki Airport was a little odd.

It was tiny, and I noticed that as we were taxiing to our stand, there were hardly any other planes on the ground. The majority of the aircraft stands were empty.

Inside the terminal, it was also odd as hardly anyone was around. After the hustle and bustle of Heathrow (LHR) earlier in the day, the quietness of Helsinki Airport (HEL) was quiet is eerie. Why was the place so quiet? OK, it was 9 pm local time, but where was everyone?

Photo by Author — a store at Helsinki Airport (HEL), Finland
Photo by Author — a store at Helsinki Airport (HEL), Finland

From what I could see from the airport and as we flew in, Finland looked like an interesting country with a lot of open space (well, wooded areas) and numerous lakes.

I will have to come back sometime for a proper visit.