Bali — International Arrival Hall Ngurah Rai, Bali, Indonesia

Arriving in Bali

August 2015

My flight to Bali arrived at Bali around 20 minutes late.

As airports go, the International Arrival Hall at Bali — Ngurah Rai — is a nice arrivals hall with no hidden surprises apart from the mad mob of taxi drivers as you exit baggage claim. It was mad. A scrum of taxi drivers, and I was so glad that I had pre-booked my driver.

Like me, many people had pre-booked taxis, so there was a forest of signs to read, and I eventually spotted my driver with a sign from Ubud Taxis.

Transfer from the airport to Ubud took around 75 minutes and cost 290,000 Indonesian Rupiahs (£13.50 UK; $20 US). However, the drive was a bit crazy as there seemed to be no ‘big roads’ on the island, and it was down narrow roads just wide enough for two cars. These roads also seem to have a lot of almost 90-degree bends.

Welcome to Bali….